The Arts House Makes First Venture Overseas City Festival 2006

Introduction: Singapore, 28 December 2005 – The Arts House will make its first venture overseas as programme partner for “Spotlight Singapore”,the highlight of the highly prestigious annual City Festival 2006 organised by the Fringe Club, Hong Kong. The City Festival runs from 12 – 28 January 2006.

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Singapore, 28 December 2005 – The Arts House will make its first venture overseas as programme partner for “Spotlight Singapore”,the highlight of the highly prestigious annual City Festival 2006 organised by the Fringe Club, Hong Kong. The City Festival runs from 12 – 28 January 2006.

Spotlight Singapore is a presentation of 12 programmes of Singapore theatre, films, music, books, visual arts, gastronomy, workshops and symposia which offer audiences in Hong Kong first glimpses into the city state’s renaissance as a vibrant city for the arts.

As programme partner, The Arts House assisted to propose and facilitated a series of arts and cultural activities which include Main Wayang’s kitchen cabaret Mari Masak and Makan and Sound Thinking, an original work commissioned by Miele which premiered in The Arts House in April. Adding the edge to the Singapore element will be DJ Popmycherry, an all-girl DJ group who will pit their spinning skills against DJ For(e)sight and The Boy With The Electric Guitar. Audiences will be delighted to catch performances by Jazzambazzadors, made up of both kids between eight to 14 years trained under the BT Budding Artists Fund and Jazz Kids making their first foray into the international platform.

The Arts House’s presence will be strongly felt through the showcase of books under the banner of Earshot, its very own brand books and CD retail shop. More than 50 titles representing the spectrum of literary arts will be shown.

Together with the Southeast Asian Cinematique, The Arts House is also proud to present Alienation, a festival of films curated by Ms Ong Sor Fern who is the film critic in the Life! section of The Straits Times.

Said Mr Colin Goh, General Manager of The Arts House, “We would like to thank Mr Benny Chia and his team at the Hong Kong Fringe Club for giving us this opportunity to be involved in the City Festival 2006. Through cross-cultural exchanges like this, our artists have the opportunity to extend their audience base beyond Singapore borders and to draw from the experience to raise the level of performance and production. we also look forward to greater opportunities to collaborate and exchange with Hong Kong artists in the coming year.”

Spotlight Singapore will run from 12 – 28 January 2006 at various venues in Hong Kong Fringe Club. The programmes curated by The Arts House have been made possible with the generous support from our presenting sponsor Jetstar Asia as well as the National Arts Council of Singapore, USI Holding Ltd and DBS Bank.



Shows Programmed by The Arts House

Mari Masak & Makan (Come Cook & Feast)
By Main Wayang Company

Wed 18 & Fri 20 Jan, 8 pm
Roof Garden
HK$150, HK$120

Tantalise your taste buds and tease your funny bones with this hilarious kitchen cabaret by The Main Wayang Company.

Whet your appetite as the Matriarch teaches a rather silly Bibik the proper way to cook special Peranakan dishes and then get your chance to sample the delicious food as the pair entertain in a witty chat show about their culture in Peranakan patois (with a smattering of Cantonese and Singlish) The show ends with a joyful joget – everyone is invited to join in and dance!

(Descended from early Chinese migrants who made their homes in Malacca, Singapore and Penang, the Peranakans possess a rich fusion culture of music, theatre and food influenced by Chinese, Malay and some Indian heritage)

By Kids Performing & BT Budding Artist Fund

Thu 12 Jan, 8 pm
Fri 13 & Sat 14 Jan, 7.30 pm
Fringe Studio
HK$150, HK$120

Swing along with Jazzambazzadors, 20 young Singaporeans between the ages of eight to 14 years as they bring you a delightful evening of big-band, swing and jazz standards, complete with slick and snappy show moves, sure to bring a smile to your face and a tap to your toes.

Jazzambazzadors is made up of Jazzkids, a project of Kids Performing, a performance training programme and BT-BAF Kids, a project supported by the Business Times Budding Arts Fund which provides children distanced by socio-economic conditions the means to gain exposure and training in the arts. This is their first concert overseas.

Popmycherry vs. For[e]sight (Frontallabs) & The Boy With The Electric Guitar

Sat 14 Jan, 10.30 pm
Fringe Gallery
HK$150, HK$120

It’s a huge battle of the sexes as three girls use their eclectic music tastes to bring down a DJ armed with a Powerbook and a guitarist. With doctored visuals of the Singapore city landscapes blended into a mish mash of indie, electro, house, breaks and drum n’ bass along with live guitars and layers of effects, the night is set to be huge!


PopMyCherry is all about having a great time with great music. All PMC DJs are amateurs when it comes to turntablism and the art of mixing, but are professionals when it comes to good music that will definitely get the party going. Watch them scream, blush, and dance around in ultra vintage gear and Singaporean designers.


Drawing inspiration from the melodic epic-house era as well as a string of indie musicians, his sound is a hybrid of hard driving rhythm riding along a symphony of emotive arrangements. What got him noticed was his complex layering of elements and sleek well programmed tunes. Having spent most of his years meddling with music (electronic or otherwise), For[e]sight has since evolved to join a breed of dedicated music makers who are well versed in production as well as DJ-ing. In his mixes, one should always expect a specially tailored soundscape, designed to move your body and to speak to your mind.

The Boy With The Electric Guitar

Marc first picked up the guitar at age 11, inspired by video game music, and since then he’s learned to talk with his fingers, playing any melody he hears in his head. His eclectic music tastes have given him a diverse range of influences, from Django Reinhardt to Steve Reich to Dave Seaman. A finalist in the Heineken Thirst competition along with For[e]sight and Weili of Frontallabs, Marc has since been invited to play at various events including the finals of the Juice DJ Quest 2005 at Zouk.

Sound Thinking
Sponsored by Miele

Thu 19 – Sat 21 Jan, 6.30 pm
Fringe Gallery
Free Admission

Imagine two laptop computers, two keyboard controllers, video images and four vacuum cleaners mixed together and spiced up with a dash of imagination and creativity. It’s a whole new way of thinking about, and listening to, the sounds of everyday objects.

Welcome to Sound Thinking, 15 minutes of music which will ensure that you never listen to your vacuum cleaner or to music in quite the same way again. Combining electronic music with the sound of vacuum cleaners by leading German household appliance MIELE the work was created and premiered in April 2005 as part of a MIELE product launch.

This unusual collaborative project involved MIELE, National University of Singapore’s Electronic Music Lab and The Arts House and was initiated by The Arts House as part of its mission to connect the corporate world with the arts world.

In a strange world, no one is a stranger

Thu 12 – Tue 24 Jan, 9pm
Roof Garden

The Arts House and Southeast Asian Cinematheque are proud to present Alienation, a digital film window into the heart and soul of Singapore curated by The Straits Times Life’s film critic Ong Sor Fern.

They call her... Cleopatra Wong
1978, Colour, English, 110 mins
Directed by George Richardson

“She purrs like a kitten...Makes love like a siren...Fights like a panther. This side of the Pacific, she’s the deadliest, meanest and sexiest secret agent!”

Eating Air
1999, Colour, Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay, English, 100 mins
Directed by Kelvin Tong Wen Kia and Jasmine Ng Kin Kia.

A boy, a girl, a motorbike, no brakes

Moving House
2002, 22 minutes, English, Mandarin, Mandarin Dialects
Dir. Tan Pin Pin

The Chew family is one of 55,000 Singapore families forced to relocate their departed loved ones to a columbarium as the gravesite is needed for urban redevelopment.

The Call Home
2002, 31 minutes, Tamil
Directed by Han Yew Kwang

The film explores the world of the working immigrants in Singapore through the eyes of Kasi, a remarkable Indian who works in the building, from the time he arrived in Singapore till the first day of his return back home

Chinta Kaseh Sayang
1965, b&w, Malay, 107 mins
Directed by Hussain Haniff.

Married woman Normah is bored and turns her attention to other men.The movie very succinctly captures Singapore in the year of its independence, showing modernity and westernization rapidly catching up.

12 Storeys (Shi Er Lou)
1997, colour, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, English, Tagalog, 105 mins
Directed by Eric Khoo.

Stories of several tenants living in the same flat building block cleverly cross-cuts to reveal a devastating picture of the dark side of Singaporean society.

Singapore Shorts

15 (Shi wu)
2003, colour, Hokkien, Mandarin, 90 mins
Directed by Royston Tan.

Five teenagers on the fringe of society are marginalised by the system and seek answers to their aimless existence among the misfits and outsiders of Singapore’s underclass.

2002, 23 mins
Directed by Wee Li Lin

Boon, a 35 year old man is coldly is retrenched. The film examines how he deals with the hours immediately following his retrenchment. In tough times, one's job may be indispensable, but is one's life indispensable as well?

2003, 20 minutes
Director: Daryl Yap

Jing Nan is a hobbyist photographer who never leaves home without his beloved camera. After reading a poster about a local competition, he begins searching for the perfect photograph as his entry for submission…

Tue 10 – Sat 28 Jan
Fringe Gallery
Free Admission

Solely dedicated to promoting Singaporean music, films and books (in English, Chinese and other languages), the Earshot is The Arts House’s latest retail space and has become an exciting destination not just for those looking for Singaporeans but for those who want a grab a taste of the sound of Singapore through poetry readings, launches and demonstrations

The exhibition features representative books and writers from its catalogue.


City Festival 2006

Presented by the Hong Kong Fringe Club, the City Festival is an urban culture festival, featuring local as well as international contents. Its programme encompasses a wide range of arts disciplines, including music, dance, theatre and the visual arts. From time to time, it crosses over into other fields, such as city studies, gastronomy and heritage. The City Festival is always looking for opportunities to bring the arts into contact with activities not directly related to them. By doing this, it aims to engage artists and performers in meaningful dialogues with various sectors of our community. It recognises that cities all over the world are experiencing rapid changes that affect the ways audiences approach arts and culture. It tries to be as relevant as it is enjoyable in the context of everyday city living.

Spotlight Singapore

Singapore is a multi-cultural society with a compact-sized population that is well-educated, widely-travelled and affluent. Visitors to the CityState have always been impressed by its economic and urban developments. Now they begin to sense something new and vibrant, above the hum of its growth engine, not only in the effective preservation of its heritage buildings, but also among their new arts venues, such as The Arts House and the Esplanade. In addition to this, the young professionals – lawyers, architects, accountants etc – those with an artistic bent are joining the ranks and files of playwrights, theatre directors, actors and arts administrators. Working in tandem with The Arts House – our major partner in Singapore – Wild Rice, Very Special Arts, The Necessary Stage, we have put together 12 programmes of theatre, music, films, books, visual arts, gastronomy, workshops and symposia. It offers first glimpses of the CityState’s renaissance. Most of the works have been newly created, and will be on show for the first time in Hong Kong.


Tickets are available at the Hong Kong Fringe Club, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Tom Lee Music Retail Outlets; Hotline: 852 31 288 288; Online:

Hong Kong Fringe Club (
2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong


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