A Red Sky at Dawn

It is October 1941. War is raging in Europe and tensions in Asia are rising. The last thing the Straits Settlements government in Singapore needs is a dead body whose identity is unknown at the old courthouse. Tasked to investigate the case are two detectives from Hill Street Police Station.
One is a newly appointed detective eager for adventure, while the other is an unwilling veteran just coming out of suspension. With five witnesses who could be potential suspects, they have to decide on who to trust, perhaps even each other.

With a myriad of possible endings, you might be surprised how this murder mystery ends!

Click to Solve this Murder Mystery

Commissioned by Arts House Limited

Event start date: 2021-03-26 08:00
Event end date: 2026-09-30 23:37
Custom Event Date(s): ONGOING
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The Book of Tales: Digital Picture Book

Stories change with who tells them, who listens to them, and how they’re told. It’s one of the things we’ve loved most about StoryFest these past five years – creating a space for new and familiar stories to grow. We honour this exchange through these written and illustrated stories curated in the Festival commission, The Book of Tales.

This collaboration brings together five international storytellers who have previously made their Asian premiere at StoryFest Singapore, and five Singapore-based visual artists. Presented as a digital picture book, these stories commemorate the transmission of oral tradition beyond borders.

The Book of Tales will be available online without charge beyond the Festival. We invite you to enjoy and share the stories in their different forms. Revisit the stories as many times as you want – see how they change (or not) with you.

Shela’s Journey (West Africa)

After slave traders kidnapped her parents from their home, young Shela goes in search of them. Her journey brings her through time to different continents. Using special powers, she reminds her descendants that their ancestors have not forgotten them, and that they can still find their way back home.

The Bulbul and the Tortoise (Arabic folktale from North Africa)

Three tortoises live in a garden at the edge of the desert. One day, a bulbul flies overhead, singing. The trio convinced it to stay – even though staying meant that the bulbul had to give up a big part of itself. The day a trespasser appears, the bulbul sees the tortoises’ true colours. Discover the dangers of losing ourselves for the sake of an easy life.

Edith’s Lyrebird (Australia)

When a lyrebird* appears in her garden, Edith the flower farmer’s first reaction is to get rid of it. After all, it dug out her plants and built mounds! Once the duo get to know each other, Edith softens and changes her mind. How does she celebrate her new friend instead?

*An iconic Australian bird that performs complex dances and the world’s finest mimicry.

The Six Swans (Germany)

Raven’s six brothers have been cursed to live as swans. She learns that she can lift the curse by sewing nettle shirts. However, she must bear this burden and remain silent until they’re finished. She remained silent when wrongfully accused of killing her own son. She remained silent when sentenced to be burned for her so-called crime. How will she save herself?

The Child of the Simorgh (Iran)

When Sam’s newborn son is different, he banishes his child. Unexpectedly, his son finds a home with Simorgh, a mythical bird. Years later, Sam arrives at Simorgh’s nest filled with regret, forcing Simorgh to make a choice. Enjoy this story from the epic Persian poem, Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), that explores acceptance, forgiveness and family.

Event venue: Online
Registration Link: https://thebookoftales.peatix.com/
Event price: Free with Registration
Event start date: 2021-06-21 06:12
Event end date: 2022-01-01 06:12
Custom Event Date(s): From 20 Jun 2021, Sun
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Remember When: From Memories to Monologues #6 (Online)

What do we remember? How do we capture our memories? If you’re a senior, come free your imagination in Remember When: From Memories to Monologues, a creative writing workshop guiding you to remember, reflect and map your memories. 

Conceptualised and facilitated by theatre director and drama educator Jeffrey Tan, no prior experience is required for this workshop and it is suitable for seniors from all walks of life. Through a series of eight practical workshops, Remember When will guide you to capture precious moments and aspirations, and transform these life memories to monologues.

Seven sessions will be conducted online, with the 8th & last session a physical session where each participant will recite their completed work at The Arts House's Play Den. 

In eight sessions, you will learn: 

Thu 13 Aug 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm
What kind of a writer are you? Writing from the subconscious. Writing about your name.

Thu 20 Aug 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm
Creating character from your monologue.
Writing with your five senses. Structuring your scene.

Thu 27 Aug 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm
Injecting the different types of tension in your scene.
Writing dialogues.
Writing stage directions.

Thu 3 Sep 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm
Visualizing the reading.
Adding sound, music and pictures. Blocking on stage.

Thu 17 Sep 2020 | 9am to 12pm
Technical Walk Through

Thu 24 Sep  2020 | 9am to 12pm
Lighting and blocking

Thu 8 Oct 2020 | 9 am to 12 pm
Introduction to Voice and movement Technical run through with lights and sound.

Thu 15 Oct 2020 | 1pm – 8pm
Filming at the Play Den*
* Final session will be a physical session filmed at The Arts House

With reference to current guidelines for digital production and recording of performances by NAC on 22 June 2020, filming of the final monologue session for Remember When: From Memories to Monologues #6 will take place in The Arts House Play Den with strict adherence to safe distancing measures such as:

  • Limiting the total number of persons (cast and crew) to 10, of which only a maximum of 5 are allowed to be unmasked for “live” performance / singing.
  • All onsite cast and crew members to maintain 1 metre safe distancing from others.
  • In the event if they are unmasked, they have to maintain 2 metre safe distancing from other unmasked persons.
  • Sharing of props, musical instruments and microphones will not be allowed at all times.
Event start date: 2020-08-13 09:00
Event end date: 2020-10-15 09:00
Custom Event Date(s): 13 Aug - 15 Oct 2020
Custom Event Time(s): Various Timings
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Arts in the Civic District

Arts in the Civic District aggregates arts programmes in the Civic District every month and presents the precinct as an arts and culture destination in Singapore. It will feature both free and ticketed programmes by Asian Civilisations Museum, The Arts House, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, National Gallery Singapore and Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall. Enjoy arts programmes ranging from museum visits and activities for the whole family, to live performances and picnics on the Empress Lawn.

Event CTA:
  • Arts in the Civic District, https://www.theartshouse.sg/civic-district, N
Event start date: 2020-06-01 09:00
Event end date: 2020-12-31 09:00
Custom Event Date(s): Various Dates
Custom Event Time(s): Various Timings
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