Night Spin 182.7FM (Singapore Writers' Festival 2020)

Ghosts, goddesses, mystics, mountaineers, poets and parley. Every evening from 8pm at the Singapore Writers Festival, The Arts House transforms into the festival's radio station with a series of podcasts and vodcasts including radio plays by Grace Kalaiselvi, Edith Podesta, and Second Breakfast Company, podcasts by Ryan Van Winkle, Something Private, Malam Seram (KC Champion) and Nyshka Chandran, as well as interviews with festival artists and writers.




Producer: Ryan Van Winkle  

A Lullaby from Singapore to the World is a unique nine episode podcast series for the end of your day no matter where you are in the world. The Arts House brings you a tapestry of dreamy soundscapes, songs and soft readings from a selection of featured authors from the Singapore Writers Festival.  

This limited series will culminate in a magical live bedtime performance featuring a soothing fantasia of words, music and visuals.

Producer: The Second Breakfast Company

Featured Artists: A Yagnya, Alyssa Lie, Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Krish Natarajan, Lynn Chia, Rino Junior John, Tysha Khan and Xie Shangbin

The Breakfast Station: Hook and Eye presents a radio play adaptation of four selected texts from Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins (Ethos, 2018).

From uncertain tensions of a migrant family in Ang Mo Kio, school projects on Syrian refugees, a National Day Parade watch party, and the journey of a wounded migrant worker, these four narratives reflect the self's desire for connection and belonging within a nexus of tenuous relations.

* Special thanks to Epigram Books and Jeremy Tiang for granting permission to adapt “Sophia’s Party,” It Never Rains on National Day (2015).

Selected Radio Plays:

    Margarine and the Syrian Refugee Project
    Sophia's Party
    Rich Man Country



Producer: Something Private Podcast

There are few things as intimate as reading. It’s almost like listening to a podcast *cough* – or maybe even better. Why not both? Something Private Podcast invites local novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal for a two-part special to celebrate all things intimate. Balli is the author of Inheritance, Sugarbread, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows and, most recently, The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters.

Episode 1 (3 Nov):  

In a modern, but conservative Singapore, what role do stories have to play in helping us understand intimacy better?

We’re joined by Singaporean novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal, on this episode, as she reads a segment of her third novel, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, where the protagonist daughter of Punjabi immigrants encourages her creative writing students to express their innermost thoughts about sex in a safe space.  

Featured on an array of international book clubs (including Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club!), we discuss the role of stories in helping us explore an intimate side of us, in a culture and society that’s “conservative”.

Episode 2 (7 Nov):  

Balli Kaur Jaswal recalls her teenage years in a Singaporean girls’ school, where her teachers worried about the content of some novels she was reading; the cover of the book had a man and woman. How do we educate a younger generation about sex, intimacy and relationships, in a healthy informed way?  

This second part is a deep dive into the personal life of Balli, how her upbringing impacted her understanding of sex, intimacy and relationships, and how it turned out to be such a poignant theme in her book.  

We end off with reading 3 short anonymous intimacy stories submitted from you, to explore what intimacy is like in a post-COVID-19 Singapore.

Producer: Malam Seram and Renta Collective

Malam Seram is a product of DJ KC’s ingenuity in combining digital platform capabilities with creative story-telling specifically on the genre of horror stories. Abdul Karim Sadali, well-known as DJ KC Champion is popular in Singapore and Malaysia for his stories in Malam Seram which has reached as the number 1 podcast in Malaysia. In this special SWF edition, DJ KC will bring to live horror stories adapted from short stories written by Singaporean writers such as Othman Wok, Junaidah Baharawi and Djohan A. Rahman.

The podcast will be in Malay.  


Neighborhood’s producer Aravin Sandran speaks with Singapore’s most exciting singer songwriters in a series of candid and intimate video interviews that touch on their early influences, personal histories and the defining themes of their careers. Writing’s on the Wall takes audiences inside their creative process, providing unique insight into what makes these lyrical wordsmiths who they are and what continues to inspire them today. This five-part series features hip-hop’s new kid on the block ABANGSAPAU, multidisciplinary artist weish of .gif, R&B songstress Sam Rui, pop singer Gentle Bones, and soulful performer Abby Simone.  

Presented by MAMA MAGNET 

The anxieties, isolation and limitations of 2020 have forced writer Mrigaa to look inward. With limited access to friends and family, zero means to travel and future planning about home, location and career on hold, she’s left with the questions that are niggling away at her: what’s her purpose, what should she do next, how can she let out the creative spark that’s been needing some channeling. But uncertainty at work and maybe just Singapore keep distracting her. She sees a therapist, journals and does Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Now she wants to see if a mystical approach may hold some answers. This series of podcasts includes conversations with poets, artists, anthropologists and tarot readers.  

This series is presented by MAMA MAGNET and produced by Ashley Erianah. 


Presented by MAMA MAGNET 

As artists, writers and performers swap live audiences for computer screens, they’re forced to find fresh ways to connect with fans. In this podcast series, journalist Nyshka Chandran chats with talents from Singapore and beyond on how they’re thriving and deriving inspiration in the year of the pandemic.  

This series is produced by MAMA MAGNET in collaboration with Ashley Erianah and Nyshka Chandran 

Featured artists: Rizman Putra, Shivram Gopinath, Adeeb Fazah & Dominic Nah, Steve Lawler, Eric Foenander, Masia One, Grace Kalaiselvi, Ryan van Winkle, Becca D’Bus 


Presented by MAMA MAGNET 

Ask a 20-something woman why she’s on edge today. “Oh, Mercury is in retrograde”. Journalist Nyshka Chandran chats with Priya Kale to dig into why so many are seeking guidance from the ancient system of stars and planets and how zodiac apps step up to give us the truth, or some truth. Or some one-liner about the truth, depending on where the second planet in our house was at the hour we were born.   

Produced by Ashley Erianah. Presented by MAMA MAGNET.  



8 – 9pm on Thursday, 5 November 

Presented by MAMA MAGNET. Produced by Ashley Erianah. 
Not sure what to make of the past, or where you’re going in the future? Consult the dichotomous presence of dynamic duo -- Nara, an occult tarot card reader and Becca D’BusSingapore’s baddest drag queenDial 920 1804 3475 via Zoom audio between 8 – 9pm on Thursday, 5 November and have your fortunes read on-air. Come ready with questions about life, work and inspiration. Password is 044092.  

Nara is the founder of My Grandmama's Secret, who began her journey as a tarot reader under the guidance of her renowned godmother, Rosina Maria Arquati who was a telepathic animal communicator. Providing oracle/tarot card readings and witchy crafts, like her moonlight empowered Mojo Bags, each crafted with botanicals, healing herbs, stones and crystals to cater to different spiritual, emotional, magical and physical levels. 

She’s big. She's colourful. She has a potty mouth. Some have called Becca D’Bus a "revolution", she thought she was doing pirouettes.   



By Shelly Bryant & Harini V 

This conversation podcast between writer and translator Shelly Bryant and local Tamil poet Harini V explores the ways in which Tamil poetry can be appreciated by a non-Tamil speaker and some of the tools that readers can use to explore the work of Singaporean Tamil writers, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the identity of vernacular languages in Singapore and their relationships to the literary ecosystem as a whole.  


In a surrealist courtroom, an Indian woman sues her former employer for wrongfully dismissing her because of her race. But was this a case of systemic racism in the workplace and biased employment practices or is there more at stake? How does one confront racial trauma while activating change?

Angry Indian Woman - The Trial unpacks these difficult but necessary questions for an ethnically diverse world that needs to talk about how race impacts our daily lives. Devised by Grace Kalaiselvi and Aswani Aswath based on stories collected from the community and the creators’ own experiences, this radio drama continues the Goddesses of Words series created by Grace Kalaiselvi, that explores the relationship between the Indian female body and text.  

Director – Grace Kalaiselvi
Playwright – Aswani Aswath
PSM – Shivani Rajan
Sound Designer – Inch Chua
Actors - Sangeetha, Suhaili, Pramila, Karthikeyan and Lina Yu


Producer: Deborah Emmanuel  

Love Radio goes straight through your heart membrane, melts all the frozen walls, ignites a warm fire in your deepest places. Love Radio comes to life in the darkest of nights, to spark the light in those quivering hands. Love Radio is here in a time of great change, but one thing which never changes - there can always be a great deal more love in our universe. Presented daily by Deborah Emmanuel, with dedications from the listeners.

NOW ACCEPTING REQUESTS! Whatever kind of love you're in, there is a poem for that special someone or something. Let poet and Love Radio DJ Deborah Emmanuel select and perform that poem during the week of Singapore Writers Festival as part of Night Spin 182.7!⁠ Let us know who you are, who (or what) the poem is for and what message you want read out on air (keep it short please! 50 words or less) and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject/heading Love Dedication by 13 October 2020! 

Written, Directed and Performed by Edith Podesta
Dramaturgy by Stefanos Rassios
Music by Darren Ng

An unnamed woman wants to be a goddess of no consequence so that neither her actions nor her power will cause harm to the world around her. But as she traverses the spaces she inhabits, she discovers that everything in this world, including her own body, is a shrine and sacred, despite the inconsequentiality that society imposes on it.

Inconsequential Goddess; or Sex Equality has a Sexy Quality explores the place of women in Greek mythology as a map to our own understandings of women and their relationships with the environment in the contemporary world. Drawing on the myths of Greek women from Semele to Psyché, this work, an episodic performance poem for radio is written and performed by Edith Podesta, with music by Darren Ng and dramaturged by Stefanos Rassios. Each episode is prefaced by a conversation between Edith and Stefanos in which they discuss the symbolism and histories of the featured Greek myths and their extensions into our understanding of the world today.

Event venue: Online
Buy Link:
Event price: SWF Festival Pass | $20
Event CTA:
  • Get your Festival Pass now!,, Y
  • Singapore Writers Festival, /programmes-details/the-arts-house-supports/singapore-writers-festival, N
Event start date: 2020-10-30 10:00
Event end date: 2020-11-08 10:00
Custom Event Date(s): 30 Oct - 8 Nov 2020
Custom Event Time(s): 10am
Additional information:


Grace Kalaiselvi

Kalaiselvi Grace, an Intercultural Theatre Institute graduate, is a freelance theatre practitioner. Her creations include Angry Indian Women (2020) and Touch Me Not (2019, Goddesses of Words series with The Arts House) as well as Crocodiles in Kurtas (2019) and The Old Fogies (2018, Esplanade’s OctoBurst). Grace acted in Four Horse Road (2020, The Theatre Practice), Ms British (2019, Esplanade Studio Series) and Precise Purpose of Being Broken (2019, M1SFF). She has directed 3FVU (2019) and The Good Farmer (2018) for TWorks. She also initiated and is part of Brown Voices, a playwrighting collective.

Full Width Details:





Conceptualizer & Director 

Kalaiselvi Grace, an Intercultural Theatre Institute graduate, is a freelance theatre practitioner. Her own creations include Angry Indian Women (2020) & Touch Me Not (2019, Goddesses of Words series with The Arts House), Crocodiles in Kurtas (2019) & The Old Fogies (2018, Esplanade’s OctoBurst), Mother I (2, 2017) and Mother I: Amma Naan: Ibu Aku (2016). Grace acted in Four Horse Road (2020, The Theatre Practice) Ms British (2019, Esplanade Studio Series) and Precise Purpose of Being Broken (2019, M1SFF). She directed 3FVU (2019) and The Good Farmer (2018) for TWorks. She also initiated and is part of Brown Voices, a playwrighting collective. 




Aswani Aswath is a freelance playwright, theatre-maker and an educator. Some of her works and collaborations include Under the Five Trees for Light to Night Festival, Well of Silence for T:>Works’ N.O.W and Absence Makes The Heart… for Centre 42’s The Vault series and Wild Rice’s Singapore Theatre Festival. Aswani was the Writer-in-Residence for Buds Theatre Company from 2014 to 2017. She graduated with a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing credited by Goldsmiths, University of London in 2020. Aswani was recently featured in StoryFest Singapore and is currently a participant of The Necessary Stage’s Playwrights’ Cove, under the mentorship of Haresh Sharma.  



Sound Designer 

Born in Singapore, educated in Fine-arts, and inducted into the music industry in Los Angeles, Inch has made a career as an international recording and performing artist. Her passion for the arts, wild places, and technology has led her to play at numerous festivals around the world and experimenting in a variety of art forms. An appreciator of good gin, random animal factoids and dense film essays, Inch is a recipient of the National Youth Award in 2018 for her contributions in the arts and was recently awarded Best Sound at the 2020 LIFE! Theatre Awards for her multisensory theatrical music production in 'Til The End Of The World, We'll Meet In No Man's Land. She is currently based in Singapore with her two cats and nursery of plants. 




Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai is an actor, singer and voiceover artist. She has written songs for numerous productions; and debuted her solo jazz concert Sangeetha Sings Sinatra: Live in early 2019. Her next solo concert, Sangeetha and Simone, is slated for 2020/21. She was most recently seen in the online shows Who’s There? (by The Transit Ensemble), The Coronalogues (by SRT), Two Songs and a Story (by Checkpoint Theatre), Kumar and friends (by Relish SG) and The National Day Parade (2020). Follow her upcoming theatre and music @ms.dorai and see her reels at 



Since Lina graduated from the Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) in 2014, she has been involved in various theatre productions as an actor, and is recently exploring acting in film and TV as well. Currently under The Substation’s Associate Artist Programme, Lina hopes to explore more about form and culture, as well as diaspora in the region. She looks forward to collaborating with fellow practitioners from different disciplines, while continuing to hone her craft as an actor and creator. 




Karthikeyan Somasundaram, who graduated from Lasalle College for the Arts in 2019, is an actor and host who has a passion for writing and direction as well. He has worked with David Glass (Requiem for Change), Adam Marple (Henry V), Effendy Ibrahim (New World Order), Elizabeth De Roza (Medea), G Selva (Reservist), and Ganesh Kasi (Othello, Murasu). He has also written and directed plays such as  Adukku Veettu Annasamy as part of the Esplanade’s Raaga Series and Kullanari, an adaptation of the film ‘Reservoir Dogs’. 

He was awarded Best Actor (Annamalai) and Best Infotainment Host (Sathuranga Vettai) in Pradhana Vizha Awards 2016, by Vasantham. He continues to act, host and write for drama, info-ed, and variety TV series. 




Suhaili Safari has worked professionally as a theatre practitioner since 2005. Although largely a stage actor, Suhaili dabbles in writing and/or directing in productions such as 'The Kingdom Under My Bed' (2010, Teater Ekamatra) and 'Move, As We Move' (2017, KaizenMD). She actively involves herself in community partnership through outreach endeavours with Sweet Tooth by Cake Theatrical Productions and Drama Box for 'Both Sides, Now'. Her recent work includes 'The Clockwork Orange' (2019, Teater Ekamatra), 'Tanah°Air' (2019, Dramabox) and 'Inside Voices' (2019, Lazy Native) which won Best Outstanding Work at the annual Vaults Festival in London. 




Pramila developed her love for the arts since young. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts under the University of Essex and is now currently an arts educator. In 2017, her writing made a debut in a devised performance staged at Centre42. She has performed in various collaborations and plays staged in the Esplanade, The Arts house and Centre 42. She is hoping to one day be able to stage and act a performance written by her. Pam is a resident of a writing collective "Brown Voices” and hopes to continue giving voice to the unvoiced. 






Neighborhood is a curatorial consultancy based in Singapore. It focuses on commissioning within the urban context of the global city, with particular emphasis on bringing together artists and designers with local communities and organisations to create new narrative environments, experiences, and events of public value. WEISH Versatile artist weish’s work spans diverse genres and disciplines. With electronic duo .gif and experimental group sub:shaman, weish has toured globally from Sundance Film Festival to the Golden Melody Awards. She has collaborated internationally, building sound art installations in London and working with DJs in Tokyo. She was the musical director for Checkpoint Theatre’s Displaced Persons’ Welcome Dinner and wrote and performed Beside Ourselves, a form-bending production presented by .gif for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. Recently, she wrote and performed Two Songs and a Story, her most vulnerable work to date.  


Joel Tan, who goes by Gentle Bones, is one of Singapore’s top English artists and has made waves across the globe. Since his self-titled debut EP in 2015, the 26-year-old has four albums under his belt and has taken his music to fans across the world with live performances and festivals. Gentle Bones’s EP Michelle, is his most streamed EP to date. Its title track, “I Wouldn't Know Any Better Than You”, has amassed more than 24 million streams on Spotify.  


ABANGSAPAU is a 21-year-old Malay-Sikh hip hop artiste who isn’t afraid to challenge the boundaries of the local music scene. Known for donning his sarung, ABANGSAPAU is a firm proponent of representing his culture and ethnicity in his artistry. Within a year of his beginning, the rapper has gone from paying his dues at underground gigs to performing at the nationwide National Day Parade 2020 and Mediacorp's 2020 New Year’s Eve Countdown concert.  


Abby Simone’s stylistic voice is one that you can recognise from a mile away. Driven by her calling to evoke emotions with sound, she is slated to release her first ever solo EP titled, ‘Matters of the Heart’ in 2020 after a decade in the making. This EP will bring listeners on a journey through all the highs and lows that led to its completion.  


Sam Rui is a singer-songwriter who is known for her contribution to the alternative R&B scene in Singapore. Rui has released two albums since her debut in 2017. She has collaborated with notable musicians such as alextbh (MY), Gentlebones and MYRNE (SG), Meloh (SK), and lent her songwriting prowess to artists such as Estelle Fly (SG), RRILEY (SG),and Jooyoung (SK). Rui has performed on various stages including St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Ultra Festival, Sundown and Singapore Grand Prix, and SPLASH! Festival in Berlin. 





Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet, performer, professional speaker and the host of CNA’s Show Me The City. She has written 3 books - When I Giggle In My Sleep (2015), Rebel Rites (2016) and Genesis Visual Poetry Collection (2018). When not writing, Deborah tours internationally, makes movement and theatre pieces, sings with different music projects, and develops her practice in multiple alternative healing modalities. 
Mantravine /ˈmæntrəvaɪn/ origin:Universal 
A highly conscious and ever-evolving organism composed of interchangeable musical parts; electronic pangs and pings, poetry, mantra and healing song, banging brass-lines and sweet-stringed carnatic guitar. Its psychedelic sound has reached audiences at festivals like Luminate & Twisted Frequency (New Zealand), Atman (Sri Lanka), Phoenix (Hawaii), Gaggalacka (Germany), Nataraja (France), One Music Camp (Japan), F1, Neon Lights (Singapore) and many more. Mantravine continues to defy genre with a variety of techniques like looping, improvisation, audience participation and unexpected combinations of style and frequency. 






Nyshka Chandran is a freelance journalist reporting on political and creative developments around Asia. For seven years, she covered geopolitics for CNBC Singapore. Now, she contributes to a variety of publications such as Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, the South China Morning Post and Resident Advisor among others. Her features strive to connect the dots between history, social trends and current events.  







Born in Delhi, raised in Bangkok, Mrigaa Sethi earned her MFA from NYU, where she was the recipient of an Amy Award for New York women poets under 30. She has performed as a storyteller at Singapore Night Festival, Other Tongues and StoryFest, and her poems have appeared in Seneca Review, ep;phany, Folio and elsewhere. She lives in Singapore with her wife and two cats. 







Aqmal N. is the head producer for RENTA Collective and has produced arts events and performances that is related to the literary arts. Some of the performances produced by RENTA Collective include, Bicara (2020), DGNoir1971 for SWF (2020), SriBetaraWira at the Esplanade (2018), Mematri Prasasti at Our Tampines Hub for #BuySingLit (2019), Renta (2017) and Tun Jana Khatib at the Esplanade (2017). 







Balli Kaur Jaswal is a Singaporean novelist, having family roots in Punjab. Her first novel Inheritance won the Sydney Morning Herald's Best Young Australian Novelist Award in 2014, and her second novel Sugarbread was a finalist for the 2015 inaugural Epigram Books Fiction Prize. 






The Second Breakfast Company (2BCo) is a not-for-profit theatre company founded by youths, for youths. 2BCo was formed with the mission of cultivating youth theatre audiences and empowering the next generation of creatives. Its three main tenets of theatre works include reviving old classics, telling new stories written by young writers and reimagining texts. 


A Yagnya 

A Yagnya is a theatre maker and Japanese translator. She has directed (Pistachios and Whipped Cream, and Red Shoes and Raichos), written her own play (Between 5 Cows and the Deep Blue Sea...), co-written for GroundZ_0 (Prism of Truth), interpreted for ITI’s Noh theatre module, and acted in Goddesses of Words: Angry Indian Women. Yagnya is also in The Necessary Stage’s Playwright Cove 2020, led by Haresh Sharma.@iggyeggieggyagnya 


Alyssa Lie  

A Musical Theatre graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Alyssa Lie is a jill of many trades. A singer-songwriter, actress, host, model, and voiceover artist, she also enjoys creating online content and traveling (when she can). Her first single 'Half-Asleep' is out on Spotify and iTunes and she is currently preparing for the release of her second single 'Stay,' which will be released this October! [FB & IG: @itsalyssalie]  


Jaisilan Sathiasilan   

Jaisilan loves acting and the art of storytelling. When he is not acting he is always on the hunt for cakes and brownies. He has acted in productions under ArtsWok, Drama Box and The Second Breakfast Company and was last seen in “The Hawker”.  


Krish Natarajan   

Krish Natarajan is a freelance actor and co-founder of theatre collective patch and punnet. Having graduated from Lasalle, College of the Arts in 2019 with first class honours in BA Acting, he has performed in The Disappearing number (2019) , La Mariposa Borracha (2019) and Being Mrs Ghandi (2019). He also directed and co-wrote Patch and Punnet’s The Adventures of Abhijeet (2019) and Fika and Fishy (2020). He is currently directing and producing The Patch and Punnet Show, a sketch show that will premiere on YouTube and Instagram. Follow @patchandpunnet to find out more lel  


Lynn Chia  

Lynn Chia acts, hosts and teaches drama.  

Acting credits include: Kimberly in Girls Girls Girls a Web series by Alexis Terese, NSFTV. Lian in The Moon is Less Bright by Adeeb Fazah, The Second Breakfast Company. Alicia in Lady E's Wedding Revenge Plan by Kathleen Bu - Best Live Action, National Youth Film Awards 2020. Joanne in Foreign Object by Alvin Lim - Best Film, nuSTUDIOS’s Point & Shoot 2019.  


Rino Junior John 

Rino trained as an actor at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, graduating with a Diploma in Theatre with Distinction, and as the Valedictorian.  

He comes from a Multiracial background, and is proud to be "Mixed". Rino constantly seeks to merge his talents to tell stories in captivating ways. He dreams of living every possible story there is to be lived, and hopes to bring more theatre into the world.  


Tysha Khan 

Tysha Khan is the first Malay-Muslim woman to graduate from the Intercultural theatre Institute, and a recepient of the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award in 2017. She is currently exploring all forms of performance, from theatre, to screen, voiceovers, movement, and performance art. This will be her first radio play, and she looks forward to a future of trying as many things as possible. Tysha also writes, translates, and has an interest in dramaturgy and counselling.  


Xie Shangbin 

Xie Shangbin (born 1982, Singapore) is active in the local community for playback theatre as well as contact improvisation. As a performer, he is a collective associate with P7:1SMA and a founding member of the Chinese-speaking Long Time No See Playback Theatre. He performed for 2BCo in The Moon Is Less Bright in 2018. Shangbin is delighted to collaborate with 2BCo again.   

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