Riverside Tales: A Workshop in Photography and Writing《河的故事》- 我摄我写文图创作坊

Have a story you wish to tell visually and textually? Let the ideas flow in this engaging workshop conducted by veteran photographer and writer Lee Leng Kiong. Get to explore historic stretches of the Singapore River starting from the Raffles landing site, pick up quick and handy tips on capturing dynamic photos and then be guided along to write an accompanying prose in response to the site you photographed. The session is conducted in Mandarin and ticketed at $10 per pax.

Pre-requisites: Participants are to bring their own digital camera and card reader/usb cable. If you do not have one, you may use a 4G mobile phone with an email account.

Event venue: Living Room
Buy Link: https://riversidetales.peatix.com/
Event price: $10
Event CTA:
  • LumiNation 2018, /programmes-details/the-arts-house-presents/lumination-2018, N
Event start date: 2018-08-04 09:10
Event end date: 2018-08-04 09:10
Custom Event Date(s): 4 Aug 2018, Sat
Custom Event Time(s): 4.30pm - 7.30pm
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About the Facilitator

Lee Leng Kiong is a local author and photographer.

He was the content creator and editor of MINDEF's Pioneer Magazine, a publication for internal circulation among the NS men.

He started his 30-year career with the then Radio & Television of Singapore (now MediaCorp) in 1980. He has since directed and produced close to 800 episodes of Chinese drama serials on Channel 8, including several award-winning serials like Holland VillageThe Legends of Ji-GongBukit Ho SweeHeart BeatMars Vs VenusPortrait of Home, and Like Father, Like Daughter.

He left MediaCorp in 2008 and started to pursue his passion in photography and literary writing. He captures many photos and rejuvenates each of the selected ones for posting by combining it with creative writing. He has since conducted sharings of his creative work at various reading clubs, photography clubs, schools, and MediaCorp Radio Capital 95.8 FM.

Lee’s publications include photobooks Photos For Thought I (2013)Photos For Thought II(2015)Photos For Thought III (2016), and an autobiography Looking Back (2015).

Image credit: Lee Leng Kiong 

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Redacting Words Workshop with Stephanie Dogfoot

What secret stories can you uncover and create from an existing piece of writing? What fresh perspectives might these new narratives add?

In this session, participants are provided with extracts from newspapers as a source material, and markers to redact some of the words to produce a new work that draws directly from their own store of experiences and gives the original text a different meaning.

Event venue: Council Room
Buy Link: redactingwords.peatix.com
Event price: $10
Event CTA:
  • LumiNation 2018, /programmes-details/the-arts-house-presents/lumination-2018, N
Event start date: 2018-08-05 09:10
Event end date: 2018-08-05 09:10
Custom Event Date(s): 5 Aug 2018, Sun
Custom Event Time(s): 11am - 1pm
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Stephanie Dogfoot is an award-winning writer and performer who has won national poetry slams in the UK and Singapore. She has performed in over 11 countries and her work has been featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and Glastonbury Festival, among many others. Stephanie founded and runs Singapore’s newest poetry open mic night, Spoke & Bird, which features local and international artists. She is also a co-editor of the Singapore Poetry Writing Month 2017 and 2018 anthologies. Her first poetry collection, Roadkill for Beginners, will be published by Math Paper Press later this year.

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StoryFest 2019: Workshop - Puteri, Ratu, Nenek Kebayan: Tracing the mythological roots and translations of the feared and revered body in Southeast Asia by Zarina Muhammad (Singapore)

Chthonic and sea spirits/deities have played significant roles in the mythologies and cultural histories of Southeast Asia. Nyai Roro Kidul, Rangda, Mazu, Puteri Gunung Ledang are some of the powerful names that have historically been invoked as being notable spirit guardians and otherworldly figures related to the forests, land and seas of this region. In addition, several of these mythic otherworldly beings can also lay claim to a certain involvement and influence in the political and magic-religious histories of their respective lands of belonging. Drawing from the themes of the demonized and desired body, gender archetypes, ritual magic, oral history, goddess worship and the broader contexts of myth-making, this workshop aims to address the question of intergenerational and interregional translation, appropriation, adaptation and metamorphosis of these narratives.

In this workshop, participants, through sharing stories, will be invited to write a letter, pen a poem, create little effigies or sculptural representation based on some of the cover-versions of how these stories have been retold, reimagined and interpreted through time. Where do we begin reflecting on the complexities of oral history/tradition, the act of remembering, the question of ancestral memory, local knowledge and the limits of auto-ethnography? In traversing the varied histories of the perceptible and imperceptible of our respective cultural backgrounds, how do we begin to tell old and new stories on unresolved memory, fragmented cosmologies and the re-mapping of mythologies in a world of multiple and contending modernities?

Ritual Performance: 1:30 – 2:00pm at Gallery II, Level 2

Zarina Muhammad will perform a ceremonial ritual linked to her visual storytelling exhibition ‘Pharmacopeias for Accredited Agents of Poisoning’ before the workshop. Registered workshop participants are invited to attend and observe this ritual.

Production: Co-presented by The Arts House
Event venue: Gallery II
Buy Link: https://puteriratunenekkebayan.peatix.com/
Event price: $25
Event CTA:
  • STORYFEST 2019, /programmes-details/co-presented-by-the-art-house/storyfest-2019, N
Event Date(s): 2019-06-23 14:00:00
Event start date: 2019-06-23 14:00
Event end date: 2019-06-23 14:00
Custom Event Date(s): 23 Jun 2019, Sun
Custom Event Time(s): 2pm - 4pm
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About Zarina Muhammad

Zarina Muhammad is an arts practitioner, educator and independent researcher based in Singapore. She lectures mostly on contextual studies and art/critical theory with a focus on the cultural histories of Southeast Asia at LASALLE. Currently, Zarina is working on an ongoing multidisciplinary research and performance project on cultural translations pertaining to Southeast Asian ritual magic, sacred sites and the tracing of mythological roots of the feared, desired and revered (supernatural) body across the region. 

Her series of often collaborative and performance-based works deconstruct and aim to confront histories, texts, definitions, and (mis)representations associated with these bodies of knowledge and polycosmologies. In the various incarnations of her work, she is particularly interested in the broader contexts of myth-making, gender-based archetypes and the region’s tenuous shape-shifting relationship to mysticism and the immaterial against the dynamics of global modernity. 

In 2018, she was nominated as one of the President’s Young Talents and exhibited her work ‘Pragmatic Prayers for the Kala at the Threshold’ at the Singapore Art Museum. In addition to performing at Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore (ICAS), NTU Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA), The Substation and Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, she has also presented her work in Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia.

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Komesah Kristang (Kristang for Beginners) by Kodrah Kristang

Kristang is the critically endangered 500-year-old heritage language of the Portuguese-Eurasian community in Singapore, spoken fluently by less than 100 people in the country today. Fresh from ten successful iterations of the free non-profit Kodrah Kristang ('Awaken, Kristang') classes for adult learners in Singapore, Kevin Martens Wong and the Kodrah Kristang Core Team will introduce participants to this beautiful language and develop their ability in conversational Kristang through fun and engaging games. Learners will also be introduced to elements of the language's history, heritage and status today, and will come away with a broader understanding and appreciation of the Eurasian community in Singapore and our island home's diverse intangible cultural heritage. 

Apart from this workshop, join us also for a talk by Kevin Martens Wong on 11 Aug, Sat 3pm, as he will walk you through Kristang's early beginnings in Portuguese and Dutch Melaka, and then through its hitherto hidden history in our island state. Beng prendeh di Kristang sa istoria kung nus

Production: Presented by The Arts House
Event venue: Council Room
Registration Link: https://kristangworkshop.peatix.com/
Event price: Free
Event CTA:
  • LumiNation 2018, /programmes-details/the-arts-house-presents/lumination-2018, N
Event duration:

1 hr

Event start date: 2018-08-12 01:10
Event end date: 2018-08-12 01:10
Custom Event Date(s): 12 Aug 2018, Sun
Custom Event Time(s): 5pm - 6pm
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About Kodrah Kristang

Kodrah Kristang is an initiative to revitalise the critically endangered Kristang language in Singapore, working with the community to reawaken the language and bring it back to a healthy level of use. Find out more on kodrah.kristang.com.

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StoryFest 2019: Workshop - What is Singapore, too? by Choo Ruizhi (Singapore)

Tigers, ancient empires, small gods, gleaming giants … or just skyscrapers, garden-cities, ‘hawker’ food, little red dots? We are so used to thinking, seeing, and talking about Singapore in the same few ways, even on digital media, that this island often feels nauseatingly boring, stale and sterile. But is there a way out of this suffocating stasis? Can we do anything?

Perhaps the Singaporean past (not History!) will offer some possibilities. This workshop will explore new ways of imagining Singapore, by discussing the island’s complex and confusing pasts, and drawing on the diverse, lived experiences of the Singaporean present from participants. The workshop’s interactive and participatory approach will guide participants in experimenting with fresh ways to speak, think, taste and talk about a specific place and time. 

Production: Co-presented by The Arts House
Event venue: Blue Room
Buy Link: https://whatissingaporetoo.peatix.com/
Event price: $20
Event CTA:
  • STORYFEST 2019, /programmes-details/co-presented-by-the-art-house/storyfest-2019, N
Event Date(s): 2019-06-22 14:00:00
Event start date: 2019-06-22 14:00
Event end date: 2019-06-22 14:00
Custom Event Date(s): 22 Jun 2019, Sat
Custom Event Time(s): 2pm - 4pm
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About Choo Ruizhi

Ruizhi is currently a Masters student at the NUS Department of History. As a researcher and student of Singapore’s pasts, he strongly believes in the emotive power of stories to entrap and imprison, but also to inspire and empower. 

He runs @singapore_stories, an Instagram page dedicated to offering alternative visual and narrative reflections about this sunny island. In doing so, he hopes to create spaces to diversify and disrupt established visual and discursive hegemonies of this country. @singapore_stories is thus a platform and project to share some of these ideas with Singaporeans and foreign visitors alike, with the hope that it will inspire novel conversations about Singapore's pasts and futures. 

Since 2017 Ruizhi has taught various aspects of Singaporean history to undergraduates. He is also the recipient of three Graduate Teaching Awards from the National University of Singapore. He has contributed extensively to various university publications like USP Highlights, The Cinnamon Roll, and Mnemozine. His writing contributions have ranged from analysing the dioramas of Haw Par Villa, to examining the biographies of the polar bears at the Singapore Zoo. Ruizhi is also the third-place winner of Utterly Changed: The Substation Writing Competition 2018, for his reimagining of Sun Wukong as an elderly Monkey God living at a Singaporean kopitiam. Currently, he is wrestling with his Masters thesis: a slippery tale of fish, Singapore, and the British Empire. 

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